About Us

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning, but for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” Fred Rogers

Our goal at Busy Bunnies is to foster a culture of unending curiosity in our children by empowering our staff to transform the childrens’ ideas into life-changing learning opportunities and to forge lasting partnerships with one another. We are confident that the Busy Bunnies learning experience will inspire our children to have high expectations and a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime. We emphasise play-based learning and we adhere to the three I’sIntention, Implementation, and Impact—to achieve overall effectiveness.

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The worst socioeconomic issues of today, like addiction, poor mental health, and homelessness, are frequently rooted in early childhood experiences that have a lasting impact on people’s life. Through delightful experiences that expand and extend learning, we help each child be the best they can be in collaboration with families and communities. We encourage each child to learn at their own speed in nurturing environments. Everything we do is driven by our four guiding principles: being brave, being inspirational, being nurturing, and having fun.

Our History

Excellence in teaching and learning serves as the foundation for everything we do at Busy Bunnies and builds on our history of innovation. Busy Bunnies Nurseries first opened in September 2012 at our New England setting, we had one room with a mixed age group to begin with. In 2013 we developed the Nursery further by adding a Toddler room. In 2014 we added a baby room so that we could accommodate baby spaces for our local families.

In September 2017, Braybrook joined the Busy Bunnies family. In September 2022, Hampton Water was joined to our Nursery family and we now have four nurseries in the Peterborough area. We are always striving to achieve quality childcare in each of our settings and would love to continue to expand so that we can provide more families with their childcare needs.

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We’ve recently appeared on the Peterborough Telegraph. The full article can be viewed via the button link below. 


“Clare Bamford, area manager at Bust Bunnies Nurseries, said: “It’s lovely to reach this milestone knowing how many children in the city we’ve been able to help and support, and watch develop and grow. “When we think of all the children who have come through our nurseries over the last ten years, we like to think that we’ve made a difference to those children from such an early age. Hopefully we’ve set them on the right path for life.” Clare, who has worked at Busy Bunnies Nurseries since 2013, said that they are hosting a party at the New England nursery on September 25, which will act as a reunion for all of the children and parents who have attended the nurseries over the last decade.”

-Peterborough Telegraph, August 2022.

OFSTED Inspection

Busy Bunnies New England was inspected in January 2017 and was awarded a ‘GOOD’ grade by OFSTED. We continue to strive to invest in each child’s future through the development of creativity and encouraging the children to move freely in the nursery, and allowing them to make choices, we aim to develop each child’s full potential in an enjoyable, safe and stimulating environment.

*The Hampton Water site is still awaiting inspection due to being newly registered.



At Busy Bunnies, child protection is a regular element of our nursery routine. It permeates everything we do, from our strict hiring procedure to the security measures in our buildings. You can be rest assured that we put the welfare of your child first, before anything. Our extensive set of safeguarding measures covers everything from pick-up and drop-off procedures to lone working. A designated safeguarding officer and a secondary staff member are contactable during your child’s day at each of our nurseries.

Every single employee of ours is aware of their critical role and duty in ensuring the safety of our students. The hiring procedure is meticulously planned out, and staff members receive in-depth training during their employment with us.
Our nursery complies with all government directives, making sure that safeguarding is a regular aspect of our responsibility to look out for and watch over the children. All employees receive frequent training on the signs of children’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Awards & Recognition

Our New England Nursery was awarded with the 2023-2024 MySmile award in recognition of Oral Health. We have also been put forward again to participate in the 2024-2025 award too.

“Busy Bunnies Nurseries, in Peterborough, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its first nursery in the city. The Peterborough-based nursery chain, which currently has two locations in the city, is celebrating ten years since the opening of its New England nursery next month (September 23). On September 5, Busy Bunnies Nurseries will be opening a brand new nursery at the St John Henry Newman Catholic Primary School, in Hampton Water.”

-Peterborough Telegraph, August 2022.