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St John Henry Newman Catholic Primary School, Peterborough
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The Nursery will accept an offer of a space after it has received and reviewed the completed Application Form. A member of staff will contact you informing you that the place has been accepted.


Our staff come from a varied background with different levels of experience and knowledge. We provide further training for our staff to develop their knowledge, understanding and methods to extend children’s learning on a day to day basis.

We use something called Tapestry which can be accessed via a web browser or downloaded on a smartphone. This is essentially an online learning journal where parents can see what their child has been achieving, as well as add their own observations for their child. We also publish newsletters/information on Tapestry so that our parents can easily access this. We have also found that some of our families that speak English as an additional language are able to translate information from the app so that they have a better understanding of information we provide. 

With families and children in mind, we designed our inspired environment to be a well-thought-out home away from home oasis where they may make enchanted, life-long memories. We always strive to be exceptional because we believe that nothing is too much for our families.