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Do you desire a fun, cosy place for your child to play and grow? Busy Bunnies is the best option for you and your child if this is the case. At Busy Bunnies, we think that the best way to foster your child’s uniqueness and promote his or her growth is to offer a secure and pleasant environment, a balanced schedule of interesting activities, and a committed, motivated team.

Support for the Whole Family

Nurseries, programmes, and schedules that have been thoughtfully and meticulously crafted with the requirements of both children and parents.
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Inspired Practitioners

Our superior training and continuing assistance are used by committed early childhood staff who are fully committed to their role.
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OFSTED Inspection

Investing in each child’s future through the development of creativity and encouraging the children to move freely in the nursery, and allowing them to make choices.
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difference we make..

We provide an exceptional early education experience based on our knowledge and what working families have told us they need and want for their children—and for themselves. Early childhood care and education is who we are, not just what we do. Our teaching and learning model helps children develop so they become eager, inquisitive, independent learners, and global citizens.
This entails balancing exciting days with a secure daily schedule, lots of interactions, and activities both inside and outside. Our staff will increase your child’s self-assurance, assist them in building friendships, and aid them comprehend their place in the society. Children in the nursery learn via play. Our staff members are trained to recognise this and offer fantastic educational opportunities every day. To engage and advance the learning of the children, we employ a variety of instructional techniques. This includes observing, modelling, asking, explaining, and conducting inventive research. 

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Investing in your child's future.

Investing in education is well-known. Our rates have been carefully chosen to balance the impact on families with the cost of providing our quality of care, which includes competitive practitioner salary and benefits, professional trainings, programme development, equipment, and resources.

Health and Safety

Your child’s health and safety are our top priorities at Busy Bunnies. Our standards are very high and we adhere to or even go above all regional and national regulations.

All of our nursery facilities offer the following: