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“..now he loves going to the nursery."

“It’s only been a while since my son started going. He was having trouble settling in at the beginning, but the whole staff, his key person, everyone was so patient with him and now he loves going to the nursery. Everyone is friendly and keeps me up to date with whatever is going on. Very happy with the services!”

“My 3 daughters have attended the setting and each of them has absolutely loved the nursery and staff so much. The staff always go above and beyond to accommodate and I would highly recommend them to everyone. My children have made lifetime memories and love the staff so much! Thank you!”

“The Staff always go above and beyond.."

“Very happy with the services."

“Everyone is friendly and keeps me up to date with whatever is going on. Very happy with the services. My Son has enjoyed his time at Busy Bunnies Nursery.”

“I’m so happy that both of my children attend the same nursery, they are different personalities but the staff are very patient, they know how to build confidence in their lives, teach them a lot of things and now they are so excited that they want to go even at the weekend to nursery.”

“..they know how to build confidence in their lives.."


is an excellent diverse crew..

“After a less than perfect start for my little girl at a competitors nursery I knew I needed to move her. I called Clare (area manager) to discuss moving my little girl to Busy Bunnies. She quickly addressed my concerns, and was able to unequivocally meet my little ones needs. It was refreshing to have an open, honest, no nonsense conversation with a child focused manager who used common sense and didn’t stand behind outdated policy. Since joining my little girl has flourished, she has changed from a shy worrier not wanting to join in, to a fully participating member of any group prone to bursting into song. Her Key Worker and room leader Hannah is amazing, with high energy, child focus and always happy to help. A newer member of the team, Louise has also become one of her favourites and able to quickly diffuse my little ones more emotional moments. Overall the team is an excellent diverse crew all bringing their own unique styles and skills to the setting blending perfectly. I would definitely recommend the nursery. This is definitely a pro-active rather than reactive business looking to be innovative and one step ahead with your child at the heart of their thinking.”